Gonna see them on the 23rd at the Hollywood Bowl. Fuckin psyched!!!


Animal Collective

Hot off the announcement of a June release of a 7″ vinyl featuring two tracks “Honeycomb” and “Gotham” (which you can read about and stream here), Animal Collective has released an eerie video which details the release of their new album, Centipede Hz.

Hz, you say? 20Hz-20kHz?! 2020k?! You like us..you really like us! Surely, it’s not a nod to us but the band did release a promotion video via their website that announced a September 2012 release and a track listing. The strange thing is that neither “Honeycomb” or “Gotham” are slated to be on the new record, but then again AC are no strangers releasing a bit differently than others.

On May 14th, Brian Weitz spoke to BBC Radio 1 about the band and the album and stated “We all moved back to Baltimore, the last few records we’ve written apart and by sending each other stuff…

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