Loose Thoughts

Have you ever thought about something that you forgot or maybe just haven’t thought about in a long time? Something you hadn’t thought or felt in a long time but suddenly it comes back to you. A thought pulled from somewhere so deep in your mind that it kind of shakes a bunch of other thoughts loose. The kind of forgotten or covered up notion or emotion that throws many others into question. It rattles what’s inside your brain so that you have to re-align certainties that were set in place and re-evaluate them. Pulling on this mental cord renders unfounded much of what you assumed to be your own natural psycho-parameters. The kind of thought that makes you think, “Wait, what was I doing this for?” A mental quake and poor little thoughts shake down like loose rubble. It’s a hard charge to catch and corral all those sliding pieces and this is where things, “slip through the cracks” so to speak. It’s painful. Metamorphosis is always painful though. And you risk losing precepts that may have been cornerstones of your psyche.

Things that were established get knocked loose; some are recovered, some get put back into place, some reassigned, and some are simply lost. If this be the natural character of mental growth, then it is an ungraceful one. Or maybe it is the neurotic nature of my own particular growth process. In any case, perception is everything and this is how mine is changing.

A Commodity Unto Life – 11/11/14

Yesterday is As Important to Me As Tomorrow

Times that we are reluctant to let go of and times that we are fond to recall are proof that those times of our lives were worth living. And in this life that affords us much too few moments of joyful transcendence, such times should be forever honored. Happy moments thus become a commodity in our lives. Why then should we be shamed to be reluctant to let these times go and move past them? One should surely not exist in one’s past exclusively but neither should one be looked upon as weak or juvenile because he or she exhibits timidity while moving beyond the eras of his or her past. It may very well be evidence that if one is slow in letting go of his or her bygone days, those bygone days are of a value that should not be squandered. A commodity truly more valuable than gold. A commodity unto life.