A Perspective on Presidents

I have figured out one of the many problems with today’s politicians. We use to have great presidents such as FDR, but nowadays we have nameless, faceless, manufactured drones; completely programmed. FDR was a charismatic man of accomplishment, with a personality befitting a gentleman one could meet on the street, and a professionalism necessary to firmly guide our country. Men knew how to be men in those days, they had to, they were the ones shaping our country, they never had the time or money to be idle and incapable. Now, America makes too much money and the men (or providers) who were once square-jawed, rugged, and well-rounded are now able to sit around while the money rolls in. There is no more “America” to shape. Our fortune has become the very things that hinders us. We have too much time now, and not enough to think about. We now have the time to be lazy because every man now worries solely about himself.

Politicians go to the same colleges, get programmed with the same program, and are “taught” politics. Politics is not something that can be taught in a classroom, or at least that was not the case in America’s golden years. Presidents use to be great, weathered, men that a child could admire, and who had personalities that were unique and all their own. Now they are taught to be the same person. Presidents don’t have to go out and talk to their constituents anymore; now we have television, the internet, and all manner of mass media and communication. All they have to do now is speak into a camera. The presidents of old had different backgrounds and upbringings. Not like now, they go to school and learn to be the same kind of person.